Rolling Stone計劃於2019年在英國和亞太地區推出並舉辦更多現場活動

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  • Rolling Stone計劃於2019年在英國和亞太地區推出並舉辦更多現場活動


    ◎Rolling Stone宣布了雄心勃勃的全球擴張計劃,包括計劃於2019年在英國和亞太地區推出。Rolling Stone國際本來已在德國、意大利、法國、日本、阿根廷、巴西、哥倫比亞和墨西哥有獲得授權的合作夥伴關係,此次擴張將通過增加本地音樂和娛樂編輯報導以及美國地區以外的社群參與,來擴大Rolling Stone在這些市場的影響力。

    ◎Rolling Ston在2019年其他值得注意的計劃包括將在國際地點舉辦定期的現場活動。該公司目前已經在澳洲招聘員工。


    Rolling Stone has announced plans for ambitious global expansion including plans to launch in the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific in 2019. The expanded company footprint is in addition to Rolling Stone International's existing licensee partnerships in Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

    The expansion will focus on growing Rolling Stone's footprint in those markets by increasing local music and entertainment editorial coverage as well as community engagement outside of the U.S.

    Other notable 2019 plans include staging regular live events in international locations.

    "Although Rolling Stone's roots are firmly planted in American pop culture, the brand has been a global driving force — both by reporting on and influencing the world's music trends. This position of global authority is one we are seeking to strengthen and expand with greater focus and coverage on local music culture and creativity in more markets around the world," Rolling Stone International CEO Meng Ru Kuok said.

    "APAC is one of the world's fastest-growing regions globally, representing a tremendous amount of musical talent and diversity. We see huge potential for further expansion and investment into our brand as well as solidifying our position within other key music markets like the UK," he added.

    The company is already hiring staff in Australia.