(Rolling Stone)雜誌推出(Billboard)的競爭對手(RS Pro)

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  • (Rolling Stone)雜誌推出(Billboard)的競爭對手(RS Pro)


    ◎滾石雜誌(Rolling Stone)正準備推出一個音樂行業新聞和分析網站,該網站將成為(Billboard)的直接競爭對手。該網站被稱為(RS Pro),將提供豐富的音樂報導、研究工具和內幕知識。
    ◎消息人士告訴(Hypebot),新網站上的大部分或全部內容將以開放會員閱讀為優先,其中包括(BuzzAngle Music)的榜單和數據,(Rolling Stone)在2018年6月收購了(BuzzAngle Music)。
    ◎(BuzzAngle)已經製作了(Rolling Stone)發布的幾份音樂排行榜。消息人士說,(RS Pro)計劃明年第一季度發布。


    Rolling Stone Magazine is readying the launch of a music industry news and analytics site that will be a direct competitor to Billboard.
    Dubbed “RS Pro,” the site will offer “a wealth of deep coverage, research tools, and inside knowledge about the music business,” according to a landing page set up for the yet to launch service.
    A source tells Hypebot that most or all of the content on the new site will be behind a paywall and include charts and data from BuzzAngle Music, which Rolling Stone acquired in June of 2018.
    BuzzAngle already produces several music charts published by Rolling Stone.
    The source tells Hypebot the RS Pro is scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2019.