Round Hill Music將在英國IPO籌集3.75億美元

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  • Round Hill Music將在英國IPO籌集3.75億美元


    ◎總部位於紐約的私人股本公司「Round Hill Music」(一家致力於投資音樂版權資產的公司),已透露其計劃在倫敦證券交易所上市,希望籌集3.75億美元。
    ◎「Round Hill Music」(RHM)投資音樂版權資產,概述了計劃在倫敦證券交易所上市的計劃,目標是籌集3.75億美元。(RHM)將通過設在根西島的(Round Hill)音樂版稅基金來實現這一目標。該公司表示,計劃實現9%至11%的年回報率。
    ◎自2011年1月推出以來,(RHM)已斥資約6.5億美元進行收購,從78個音樂目錄中建立了12萬首歌曲的目錄,並在管理或聯合發行機會方面進行了75次投資。執行長(Josh Gruss)說,希望有機會在倫敦實體上市,進一步發展多元化業務。


    New York-based private equity firm Round Hill Music, a company focused on investing in music copyright assets, has revealed its plan of being listed on the London Stock Exchange in hopes of raising $375m.
    Round Hill Music, a New York-based private equity firm investing music copyright assets, has outlined plans to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, with the goal to raise up to $375 million. RHM will make the jump through Round Hill Music Royalty Fund, based in Guernsey. The company said it plans to deliver annual returns between 9 and 11%.
    Since its launch in January 2011, RHM has spent some $650m in acquisitions, building a catalogue of over 120,000 songs from 78 music catalogues as well as 75 investments in administration or co-publishing opportunities.
    “The prospect of offering investors the opportunity to potentially own a seed portfolio comprised of a flagship collection of Round Hill’s assets that has been carefully curated by our team over the past decade is very exciting,” said Round Hill Chief Executive Josh Gruss. “Round Hill as a business has carefully created a catalogue of songs that are timeless and high quality and we look forward to having the opportunity to develop and diversify the business further as a listed entity in London.”