Royalty Exchange宣布已達成支付超過5000萬美元的里程碑

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  • Royalty Exchange宣布已達成支付超過5000萬美元的里程碑


    ◎Royalty Exchange宣布,自2016年該公司重新啟動以來的3年內,它已從535筆版稅交易中支付了超過5000萬美元,共有255名投資者參與了融資。

    ◎Royalty Exchange在市場中宣揚其為一個為音樂中產階級提供資金的來源,其列出交易的曲目中有52%在過去12個月內的收入在2萬美元以內,在其交易市場上列出曲目的藝人中有75%是歌曲創作者。

    ◎在Royalty Exchange上市的商品一開始都是永久性的版稅銷售,通常只佔曲目的一定百分比且一般是不包括版權的。但在過去的一年裡他們增加了選擇,一種是暫時的銷售,其功能就像預付款一樣,版稅可以在10年後轉回給創作者,結果有更多沒有補償承諾的預付款出現,自引入該選項以來,這部分已經占到所有交易的60%。另一種是共享曲目,不再是單一最高出價者通吃的拍賣,取而代之的是多個投資者可以購買比拍賣平台可以支持的更大的曲目股份,這部分占所有交易的35%以上,並把新的投資者和創作者帶入市場。


    Royalty Exchange announced this week that it had paid out over $50 million from 535 royalty transactions in the three years since the company relaunched in 2016. 255 investors participated in the funding.

    Royalty Exchange is touting the marketplace as a funding source for the musical middle class with 52% of the catalogs listed earning $20k or less in the prior 12 months. 75% of the artists who listed catalogs on our marketplace were songwriters.

    Initially, all listings on Royalty Exchange were for permanent royalty sales, usually for just a percentage of a catalog and the copyrights generally weren't included. But over the last year, they've added options:

    Temporary sales that function much like an advance in that royalties revert back to the creator after 10 years. The result - larger advances with no recoupment commitment. These have driven 60% of all the transactions conducted since they were introduced.

    Shared catalogs, where instead of auctions with a single winner-take-all highest bidder, multiple investors can buy shares of catalogs larger than what the auction platform can support. These drove over 35% of all transactions and brought in new investors and creators to the marketplace.