Scooter Braun的Ithaca Holdings收購了Brandi Carlile的音樂出版商Atlas Music

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  • Scooter Braun的Ithaca Holdings收購了Brandi Carlile的音樂出版商Atlas Music


    ◎由音樂企業家兼Justin Bieber、Ariana Grande等藝人的經紀人Scooter Braun所領導的媒體控股公司Ithaca Holdings,收購了著名的音樂出版商Atlas Music。

    Atlas由Richard Stumpf於2013年創立,是許多重要音樂目錄的代表,包括Drake、Demi Lovato、Madonna、Ed Sheeran和John Legend等歌手的熱門歌曲。Atlas最近簽約的歌手是Brandi Carlile,她的專輯《By The Way, I Forgive》獲得6項葛萊美獎提名。

    ◎Ithaca Holdings和Atlas Music表示,Atlas將會繼續在其現有的紐約、洛杉磯和納許維爾辦事處開展業務。


    Ithaca Holdings, the media holding company led by manager and music entrepreneur Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande) has acquired prominent music publisher Atlas Music.

    Founded in 2013 by Richard Stumpf, Atlas represents a significant music catalog that includes hits by Drake, Demi Lovato, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, and John Legend. Atlas's most recent signing is Brandi Carlile, who is up for six Grammy nominations for her album By The Way, I Forgive.

    "Richard has built an incredible publishing business with Atlas and we are excited to bring him and his team into the family," said Scooter Braun in a presser announcing the acquisition. "By working with Richard and his team, we will have a direct line to some of the most creative writers making the publishing process more streamlined and personal."

    "I've admired the work that Scooter has done over the years and his commitment for doing right by talent. He has the pulse of the music industry like no other. It was clear to me that beyond the business, Scooter was someone who genuinely wants to be part of the greater good. We look forward to many successful years together with Scooter, Allison Kaye and the rest of the SB team," Stumpf added.

    Atlas will continue to do business out of their established New York, Los Angeles and Nashville offices, the companies said.