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  • SendMusic推出用於專業音樂文件共享的應用程式


    ◎該公司宣布,您現在可以發送,接收,收聽和回覆所有內容,具有一系列功能,這些功能比使用電子郵件或文件傳輸站點要好得多。它為創作者提供最高3GB的免費文件傳輸,並提供最高訂閱級別:個人每月最多5美元或每年50美元(最多5GB文件),安全性分別為10美元/ 100美元(最多10GB文件)。該公司為首次註冊的藝人,音樂家和DJ提供六個月的免費使用頂級服務的權利,作為新應用的促銷優惠。


    We first wrote about startup SendMusic in late 2018, when it emerged as a way to help musicians, producers and music industry colleagues to send big files to one another, including for promotional purposes. Now there’s an update: SendMusic has launched its official iOS app.
    “You can now send, receive, listen and reply all in one place… with a truckload of features that make it so much better than using email or file transfer sites,” announced the company.
    It’s offering creators file transfers of up to 3GB free, with subscription tiers on top: Personal costs $5 a month or $50 a year for up to 5GB files, while Security costs $10 / $100 respectively for up to 10GB files. The company is offering six months’ free access to that top tier for artists, musicians and DJs who are registering for the first time, as a promotional offer for the new app.