Simon Cowell延長協議繼續擔任選秀節目《America's Got Talent》的評審

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  • Simon Cowell延長協議繼續擔任選秀節目《America's Got Talent》的評審

    ◎選秀節目《America's Got Talent》(美國達人秀)的創造者兼執行製作人Simon Cowell已經與電視台達成一項新協議,將繼續待在該節目擔任評審。Simon Cowell他是從2016年的第11季開始擔任評審,目前該節目已是第13季,雖然NBC尚未公佈新一季節目的消息,但鑑於《America's Got Talent》是NBC電視網夏季收視率最高的節目,Simon Cowell的協議可能只是一種例行公事。根據新協議,Simon Cowell也將繼續擔任該節目的執行製作人。

    ◎《America's Got Talent》本季收視率略為下降,其在18-49歲的成人間有1460萬名觀眾,7日平均收視率為3.0,比起2017年的1570萬名觀眾和3.4收視率分別下降了7%和12%。2017年的那一季是該節目自2013年以來在18-49歲成人中收視率最高的一季,且是歷來最多人觀看的一季,因此本季輕微的下滑並不令人驚訝。

    ◎《America's Got Talent》也是夏季系列節目中最多人觀看的,在18-49歲的成人觀眾中,與其最接近的競爭對手—CBS電視台的《Big Brother》有著相當大的優勢差距。NBC將在2019年初擴展推出另一分支節目《America's Got Talent: The Champions》,將會在《The Voice》節目的兩季之間播出。


    America's Got Talent creator and executive producer Simon Cowell has locked in a new deal to remain on camera with the show.

    The new agreement will extend Cowell's time as a judge on the series, which began with its 11th season in 2016. The series is currently in season 13, and while NBC has yet to renew it beyond that, Cowell's deal and AGT's reign as the top-rated summer show on network TV likely make that just a formality. Cowell will also continue as an executive producer under the new deal.

    "Simon Cowell is an extraordinary showman whose success stories over the years on multiple continents speak for themselves," Paul Telegdy, president of NBC Entertainment's Alternative and Reality Group, said Wednesday in a statement. "We are thrilled that he will continue as a judge on America's Got Talent and that his stewardship of the franchise will go forward for many years to come."

    Added Trish Kinane, president, entertainment programming for AGT producer FremantleMedia North America: "[Cowell] knows what it takes to find and nurture talent, and he knows how to entertain an audience, creating enduring and much-loved formats. We look forward to continuing our creative partnership."

    AGT has declined a bit in the ratings this season: Its seven-day averages of a 3.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 14.6 million viewers are off 12 percent and 7 percent from 2017 (3.4 and 15.7 million). The 2017 season was the show's highest-rated in adults 18-49 since 2013 and its most-watched ever, so the slight regression isn't too surprising.

    AGT is also far and away the most-watched summer series and has a sizable edge over its closest competitor in the 18-49 demo, CBS' Big Brother.

    NBC will expand the franchise in early 2019 with America's Got Talent: The Champions, which will run between cycles of The Voice.

    "I want to thank NBC for their continued passion and belief for America's Got Talent over the past few years," said Cowell. "Without NBC, we wouldn't be making Got Talent and I'm very proud to work with them. Together, with a fantastic production team, we have been able to attract the best talent in the world. I'm very excited for the next few years."

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