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  • SiriusXM創建了Pandora內容團隊負責播客、播放清單等內容


    ◎網路電台SiriusXM在併購了Pandora之後創建了其首個Pandora「內容團隊」,專注於在兩個平台之間共享內容,該團隊也將創作音樂、體育和包括喜劇、政治、音樂和娛樂等主題的談話的原創內容。該團隊將向SiriusXM的內容長Scott Greenstein匯報。

    ◎Pandora日前推出了「Stories」,讓藝人和其他創作者能夠為播放清單和mix tapes添加語音的評論。Pandora的創作者產品副總裁Shamal Ranasinghe表示「混合最好的播客和播放清單,Pandora正在用Pandora Stories釋放出一種新的創意藝術形式。包括藝人、詞曲作者、名人和播客等創作者現在可以使用Pandora AMP來錄下他們的Stories,為他們的粉絲最喜愛的音樂提供更多的意義、內心感受和洞察。與Pandora的藝人營銷和數據分析工具相結合,Pandora Stories為創作者提供了業界領先的工具包,可以與他們的聽眾建立聯繫。」。


    SiriusXM has created its first Pandora "content team" focused on sharing content between the two platforms. The team will also create original content in music, sports and talk content ranging across comedy, politics, music and entertainment.

    The team will report to SiriusXM's Chief Content Officer, Scott Greenstein, and includes:

    Alex White, Pandora's VP of Content and Programming

    Jeff Zuchowski, Pandora's VP of Label Relations

    Bill Crandall, Pandora's VP of Editorial Content

    Lindsay Bowen, Pandora's Head of Podcasts and Entertainment Content Partnerships

    "Creating a dedicated team of talented and forward-thinking people is the first step in delivering great content that drives usage and engagement on Pandora", added Greenstein . "We can now approach content providers and artists with a much larger, multi-faceted platform," added Greenstein.

    Last week, Pandora launched "Stories" empowering artists and other creators to add audio commentary to playlists and mix tapes.

    "Blending the best of podcasts and playlists, Pandora is unleashing a new creative artform with Pandora Stories," said Shamal Ranasinghe,Pandora VP of Creators Product. "Creators - including artists, songwriters, celebrities, and podcasters - can now use Pandora AMP to voice their Stories, giving more meaning, heart, and insight into their fans' favorite music. When combined with Pandora's artist marketing and data analytics tools, Pandora Stories gives Creators the industry's leading toolkit to connect to their listeners."

    It's not hard to imagine the best "Stories" make their way to SiriusXM.