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  • SiriusXM增加了10個專門發掘新興藝人的頻道


    ◎許多新的SiriusXM頻道都是經典格式的變體,著名播放80年代歌曲的頻道80s on 8的粉絲可以找到新的頻道包括80s on 8 Top 100、80s on 8 Workout和80s on 8 Party。鄉村樂頻道Prime Country的聽眾將可以找到Prime Country Top 100、Prime Country 80s Hits和Prime Country Party。舞曲愛好者將可以找到BPM Top Hits、BPM Discovery和BPM Workout。流行音樂和搖滾樂則可以在播放60年代、70年代、80年代、90年代和2000年代音樂的頻道中聽到。

    ◎這其中有一組10個新的發掘頻道將以新興藝人為重點特色,每個頻道都將由SirussXM的核心頻道如The Highway、Alt Nation和The Heat等背後的品味創造者負責編程。


    SiriusXM has added 100 new commercial-free Xtra Channels available exclusively to subscribers on the SiriusXM app, web player and connected devices, including 10 that are designed to showcase new and emerging artists.

    These music channels also feature skip-ahead functionality.

    Many of the new SiriusXM channels are variations of classic formats. Fans of 80s on 8 will find new channels include 80s on 8 Top 100, 80s on 8 Workout and 80s on 8 Party. Prime Country listeners will find Prime Country Top 100, Prime Country 80s Hits and Prime Country Party, and dance music fans will find BPM Top Hits, BPM Discovery and BPM Workout. Pop and rock music is mashed up in channels that play music from across the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

    But a group of 10 new Discovery channels will feature new and emerging artists. Each channel will be programmed by the tastemakers behind core SirussXM channels like the The Highway, Alt Nation and The Heat.

    Full List of Discovery channels

    Highway Discovery - new and merging country artists

    Alt Nation Discovery - new and and emerging alternative artists.

    Octane Discovery - new rock acts

    Spectrum Discovery - the full spectrum of new rock

    XMU Discovery - new indie rock

    Hip Hop Nation Discovery - new hip-hop

    Heat Discovery - new R&B and Hip-Hop

    Alt R&B Discovery - new and emerging R&B

    Cloud Rap Discovery - emerging rap

    Caliente Discovery - new and emerging Caliente music