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  • SiriusXM收購Pandora之後宣布了裁員


    ◎SiriusXM在最近收購Pandora Media之後,宣布了裁員將近60人以重新調整部門,該消息是由Sirius XM執行長Jim Meyer發給員工的備忘錄中所提及的。據報導,該備忘錄表示裁員是為了「更好地調整」Sirius和Pandora的資源與「業務需求」,並承認由於收購,「兩個組織都知道人力將會有變化」,因為他們了解到「合併後的公司的發展計畫會有更好的能見度」。

    ◎根據美國證券交易委員會的文件,Sirius XM和Pandora目前合起來共有4600名員工。Billboard報導表示,這次的裁員約佔員工總數的1%。


    SiriusXM has announced nearly 60 layoffs in an effort to realign departments following the company's recent acquisition of Pandora Media, The news was delivered in a memo sent to staffers by Sirius XM CEO Jim Meyer.

    The memo reportedly reveals that the layoffs were made in order to "better align" Sirius and Pandora's resources with their "business needs," and acknowledged that due to the acquisition, "both organizations knew that there would be changes to the workforce" as they found "greater visibility on the roadmap for the combined companies."

    According to SEC filings, Sirius XM and Pandora currently maintain a combined workforce of 4,600 employees. Today's layoffs represent approximately 1% of that workforce, reports Billboard.