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  • SiriusXM添加個性化Pandora播放清單和更多串流媒體升級



    ◎展望未來,SiriusXM Select訂閱將包括在平台的移動應用程式和連接的家庭裝置可以無限制串流連結,努力擴展汽車之外的收聽選項。精選客戶還可以聆聽100多個最近推出的Xtra音樂頻道及觀看新影片內容,其中包括Cardi B、Jonas Brothers、Khalid、BTS、P!nk等歌手的表演和採訪。

    ◎同時,All Access和SiriusXM Premier Streaming方案現在包括由Pandora提供個性化無廣告插播的電台,這象徵SiriusXM最近將Pandora整合到其應用程式中。SiriusXM Select訂閱目前每月收費15.99美元,而All Access客戶每月收費20.99美元、SiriusXM Premier套裝每月收費13美元。


    SiriusXM is ramping up its streaming offerings with a suite of upgrades. Subscribers can now unlock personalized stations powered by Pandora, new music channels and exclusive video content, all at no extra cost.

    Going forward, a SiriusXM Select subscription will include unlimited streaming access on the platform's mobile app and on connected home devices, an effort to expanding listening options beyond the car. Select customers will also gain access to more than 100 recently-launched Xtra Music Channels, plus newly-accessible video content that includes performances by and interviews with Cardi B, Jonas Brothers, Khalid, BTS, P!nk and more.

    "We have always been dedicated to delivering our customers great value for their subscriptions, and we have achieved remarkable growth and listener loyalty by delivering unrivaled and exclusive content in an easy-to-use way," commented SiriusXM president, sales, marketing and operations Jennifer Witz. "These new initiatives represent another tremendous step forward in that effort, and give our customers more value for their money than ever before."

    Meanwhile, All Access and SiriusXM Premier Streaming plans now include personalized, ad-free radio stations powered by Pandora's Genome Project. The news marks SiriusXM's latest move to integrate Pandora into its app since it merged with the streamer six months ago. In April, the satellite radio giant introduced their first cross-platform "experience" with Pandora, a curated channel of top-trending music called Pandora NOW.

    A SiriusXM Select subscription currently costs $15.99 per month, while All Access customers pony up $20.99 per month. SiriusXM Premier, a fully outside-the-car package, costs $13 a month.