SiriusXM透露 截至2019年年底有3490萬訂戶

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  • SiriusXM透露 截至2019年年底有3490萬訂戶


    ◎SiriusXM指出,去年不僅實現連續十年百萬美元以上的自付費用淨增加額,還完成了對Pandora Media的收購,並對其業務進行重大投資,同時,還向股東返還超過20億美元。


    US satellite-radio firm SiriusXM has issued an update for its investors trumpeting its year-end figures for 2019. The company says it ended last year with 34.9 million total paid subscribers – a record – including around 30 million ‘self-pay’ customers. SiriusXM added just over one million of the latter in the final quarter of 2019, and is feeling suitably bullish about the year ahead too.
    “Not only did we achieve our tenth consecutive year of million-plus self-pay net additions, but we also completed our acquisition of Pandora Media and made significant investments in our business, all while returning more than $2 billion to our stockholders. And our new 2020 guidance points to what should be another excellent year of growth for SiriusXM,” said CEO Jim Meyer.
    SiriusXM hasn’t given any indication of Pandora’s performance in the final quarter of 2019 though: for that, we’ll have to wait for the company’s official financial results on 4 February.