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  • Snap今年秋天將推出第三代Spectacles眼鏡




    Snapchat parent company Snap launched its first set of ‘Spectacles’ in late 2016, with a second generation of the product debuting in April 2018. Now Snap has shown off version three, which will go on sale this autumn.
    The big news is that the specs now have two HD cameras, capable of shooting snaps in 3D and adding in 3D effects. As before, they can be used to share photos and videos through Snapchat itself, as well as saving that content to people’s camera rolls for sharing elsewhere. The design is also gradually moving away from ‘HEY LOOK AT ME IN MY TECH SPECS’ towards (almost) regular-looking sunglasses. There’s a price, though: the third-generation Spectacles cost $380, well over double the price ($150) of the previous model.
    Snapchat ended June with 203 million daily active users, but how many of them will be able to (or want to) blow nearly $400 on a pair of camera-toting spectacles? In autumn we’ll find out.