Sonarworks承諾通過SoundID應用程式 提供個性化的聲音

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  • Sonarworks承諾通過SoundID應用程式 提供個性化的聲音


    ◎這項發布是在新創公司過去的努力下推出的,能分析人們的音頻偏好,並且通常側重於聽力有障礙的人們。例如,Tunefork是去年6月在Midemlab創業大賽中的獲勝者之一,而Mimi Hearing Technologies則是2016年的獲勝者。


    Audio-tech firm Sonarworks is hoping to make a splash at CES this week with a new product called SoundID. It’s an app for Android and iOS that promises “personalised audio perfected for each listener”, with its beta version available now. It’ll work by running users through a one-time ‘hearing test’ including their age, musical preferences and what hardware they’re using. The app will then create a ‘SoundID profile’ for them which will ultimately (once the necessary partnerships and integrations are in place) run across all the devices on which they listen to audio.
    “Audio profiles have been an issue for the market for decades, having to target the preferences for less than 20% of the market,” said chief product officer Martins Popelis in a statement.
    The launch follows past efforts by startups to launch apps capable of analysing people’s audio preferences, often with an emphasis on people with hearing issues. Examples include Tunefork, which was one of the winners at the Midemlab startups contest last June, and Mimi Hearing Technologies, which was a winner back in 2016.