Sonos宣布支援AirPlay 2,Siri的控制將於7月份推出

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  • Sonos宣布支援AirPlay 2,Siri的控制將於7月份推出


    ◎在去年秋天首次討論到Apple的新一代無線多媒體串流傳輸協定AirPlay 2之後,Sonos日前正式確認,將透過7月份更新的免費軟體提供對AirPlay 2的支援。據了解,之前AirPlay 2僅支援Sonos One、Play:5和Playbase的音箱;而Sonos的新發布顯示除了支援AirPlay 2之外,用戶還可以使用Siri控制他們的音樂播放。AirPlay 2和Siri控制也將在新推出的Sonos Beam音箱上提供。

    ◎Sonos產品的獨特之處在於該公司所謂的控制的連續性,這意味著音樂可以經由Apple Music進行串流,並由Amazon的語音助理Alexa進行控制;用戶甚至可以隨時與Alexa對話。該公司還提到,藉由長按另一個音箱頂部的播放按鈕,就可以在任何空間內延伸AirPlay 2的音樂播放,這歸功於更新標準的速度讓音樂開始迅速並且在各個音箱之間保持同步。

    ◎Sonos還展示了他們與HAY合作設計的Sonos One新顏色。該合作關係於4月份首次揭露,更新後的款式將於今年秋季發售。


    After first discussing AirPlay 2 last fall, Sonos has officially confirmed this morning that support for Apple's streaming audio protocol will arrive via a free software update in July.

    Earlier this year, we learned that AirPlay 2 support would be limited to the Sonos One, Play:5, and Playbase speakers. Today, Sonos expanded on their announcement with a public demo of AirPlay 2. In addition to support for AirPlay 2, users will also be able to control their music using Siri. AirPlay 2 and Siri control will also be available on the newly-introduced Sonos Beam.

    Unique to Sonos products is what the company calls continuity of control, meaning that music can be streamed with Apple Music and controlled with Amazon's Alexa assistant. Users can even speak to either assistant whenever they wish.

    The company also mentioned that an AirPlay 2 music session can be extended in any room by pressing and holding the play button on top of another speaker. Thanks to the speed of the updated standard, music begins quickly and stays in sync across speakers.

    Sonos also used today's event to display their new Sonos One colors designed in collaboration with HAY. The partnership was first revealed in April, and the updated models will go on sale this fall.