Sonos表示 儘管受到Covid-19的影響,其業務仍保持

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  • Sonos表示 儘管受到Covid-19的影響,其業務仍保持


    ◎Sonos執行長(Patrick Spence)接受媒體訪問時,批評競爭對手Amazon的“掠奪性定價”。這與Amazon執行長(Jeff Bezos)日前承認,公司有時會通過促銷方式,以低於成本價的價格,出售Echo智慧音箱有關。(Patrick Spence)說:“那是非法的。”他批評Google及Amazon“只是從壟斷業務中賺錢,一昧補貼,補貼,補貼。”


    Audio firm Sonos saw its revenues drop by 4% year-on-year during the second quarter of 2020 (its fiscal Q3), but the company sees that as a good performance given the shutdown of many physical retailers due to Covid-19 lockdown measures.
    Sonos managed to grow its direct-to-consumer (i.e. products sold from its website) revenues by 299% year-on-year to almost make up for the physical retail issues, and in the US and UK saw its total sales actually grow by 4% and 13% respectively as a result.
    Sonos had already announced plans to lay off 12% of its staff and close several offices as a result of the pandemic – measures which it now says will save it around $7.5m next quarter.
    Meanwhile, CEO Patrick Spence has continued to take shots at Sonos’s Big Tech rivals, criticising Amazon for “predatory pricing” in an interview with Protocol.
    This relates to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s admission last week that his company sometimes sells Echo smart speakers for below their cost price, in promotions. “That’s illegal,” claimed Spence, turning his fire on Google as well as Amazon. “They just take money from their monopoly business, they just subsidise, subsidise, subsidise.”