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  • Sonos音箱現在可透過Alexa語音助理與在Echo音箱上一樣使用「公告」功能


    ◎Sonos One和Beam都有內建Alexa語音助手,但Amazon偶爾會推出僅限於自家Echo智能音箱才能使用的新功能,Echo的「公告」對講功能就是其中之一,但現在Sonos有了改變。現在開始,支援Alexa的Sonos音箱包括Sonos One和Sonos Beam將與Amazon的「公告」合作,Sonos音箱的新功能將透過自動更新提供,並支援美國、英國和加拿大的英語口音。
    ◎「公告」允許用戶從一個支援Alexa的音箱向家中所有支援Alexa的音箱發送聲音訊息,其他支援Alexa的音箱會立即收到訊息並在播放鈴聲後接著播放語音訊息,而無需用戶做任何的動作。如果家中有許多支援Alexa的音箱,則「公告」功能特別的實用,且為像這樣的功能部署Echo Dots影像化音箱是負擔得起且實用的。在某些情況下,「公告」功能甚至會在你的訊息之前加上一個特別的聲音效果,譬如在宣布晚餐已準備好的時候,會有一個經典的晚餐鈴聲響起。


    Sonos One and Beam both have the Alexa voice assistant built-in, but there are occasionally new features from Amazon that are limited to Echo speakers. Echo’s Announcements intercom feature has been one those, but that’s changing for Sonos.
    Starting today, Alexa-enabled Sonos speakers include Sonos One and Sonos Beam will work with Amazon Announcements. The new feature comes to Sonos speakers through an automatic update and supports English in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.
    Announcements lets you send an audio message from one Alexa-enabled speaker to all Alexa-enabled speakers throughout your home. The other Alexa-enabled speakers immediately receive the message and play a chime followed by the audio recording without any user interaction required.
    Announcements is especially useful if you have lots of Alexa-enabled speakers throughout your home, and deploying Echo Dots for features like this can be affordable and practical.
    In some instances, the Announcements feature will even include a clever sound effect before your message — like a classic dinner bell ringing if you announce that dinner is ready.
    Before today, Announcements could only be created and received by Amazon Echo speakers and not Alexa-enabled Sonos speakers. After receiving today’s automatic update, Announcements should work exactly the same way on both Amazon Echo and Sonos speakers that work with Alexa.