Sony Music第二季錄製音樂收入下降10.5%

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  • Sony Music第二季錄製音樂收入下降10.5%


    ◎ Sony Music發布最新一季財務報告。根據MBW的數據分析顯示:Sony Music的錄音著作出版收入在今年第二季同比下降了10.5%,儘管其錄製的音樂串流媒體收入增長了5.9%,至6.4億美元。實體銷售下降41%,至1.18億美元。而其他收入(包括許可,商品等)下降38.8%,至8260萬美元。
    ◎同時,Sony的音樂發行部門,包括Sony / ATV和日本Sony Music出版公司,其收入下降了19.2%,至2.89億美元。
    ◎比較全球三大唱片公司的第二季表現。唱片音樂收入方面,UMG同比下降4.5%,WMG下降5.7%,Sony Music下降10.5%。同時,UMG的發行收入增長了24.5%,WMG的增長了1.4%,Sony下降了19.2%。


    The figures are in for all three major labels, with Sony Music’s latest quarterly financials published yesterday as part of its parent corporation’s.
    MBW has the yen-to-dollar analysis: Sony Music’s recorded music revenues were down by 10.5% year-on-year in the second quarter of this year (its fiscal Q1) although its recorded music streaming revenues were up by 5.9% to $640m.
    Physical sales fell by 41% to $118m, while ‘other’ revenues (which include licensing, merchandising etc) fell by 38.8% to $82.6m.
    Meanwhile, Sony Corporation’s music publishing division, which includes Sony/ATV but also Sony Music Publishing Japan, saw its revenues fall by 19.2% to $289m.
    So, let’s compare the three major (global) companies’ performances in Q2. For recorded music revenues, UMG’s were down by 4.5% year-on-year, WMG’s fell by 5.7%, and Sony Music’s by 10.5%. Meanwhile, publishing revenues were up by 24.5% for UMG, up by 1.4% for WMG, and down by 19.2% for Sony.