Sony Music與Raftaar一起深入探尋獨立的印度嘻哈音樂

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  • Sony Music與Raftaar一起深入探尋獨立的印度嘻哈音樂


    ◎在印度流行了一段時間的趨勢之一是獨立嘻哈的興起。「Sony Music India」與印度說唱歌手(Raftaar)簽署獨家協議,包括與他共同創立的獨立唱片公司Kalamkaar的合作關係。
    ◎(Raftaar)之前曾通過印度大型唱片公司「Zee Music Company」發行音樂,而Kalamkaar則完全獨立運作。
    ◎Sony Music於2019年6月,與獨立公司Desi Hip Hop合作,然後在2019年8月,與管理公司(Kwan)成立了50-50的合資企業,以創建「Big Bang Music」品牌。


    One of the trends that’s been bubbling for a while now in India is the rise of independent hip-hop.
    Note, ‘independent’ in this context means ‘independent from the film-music industry’ more than it does ‘independent from major labels’ – Sony Music in particular has been active in signing rappers from the independent scenes in India. You can read more about that in this piece journalist Amit Gurbaxani wrote for us in November last year.
    Anyway, there’s more news today: Sony Music India has signed an exclusive deal with rapper Raftaar, including a partnership with the independent label that he co-founded, Kalamkaar.
    Raftaar had previously been releasing his music through Indian major Zee Music Company, while Kalamkaar had been operating fully independently.
    There’s a pattern of deals here too: in June 2019 Sony Music partnered with independent firm Desi Hip Hop, then in August 2019 it launched a 50-50 joint venture with management firm Kwan to create the Big Bang Music label.
    This week, Sony Music India also appointed a new head of A&R, Jagjit Singh Bhogal, formerly of Viacom18 India.