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  • Soundcharts推出新的音樂數據平台且團隊有無限制的訪問權限


    ◎音樂分析平台Soundcharts推出了新版本且有新定價。根據該方案,用戶可以與其整個團隊共享數據訪問權限而無需額外付費。每個方案都沒有限制用戶數,且是根據監控的藝人的數量來收費,單個藝人的每月起價為19歐元/ 21.5美元。

    ◎該新版本還包括新功能和數據來源。在「藝人概論」中有超過200萬名藝人的實時監控儀表板,包括社群媒體數據、根據地理追蹤的電台播放數據、播放清單添加數據和排行榜排名。「藝人比較」則是一種可視化工具,可以用定制化的圖表和隨著時間推移增加的受眾來把藝人做對比。延伸的數位分銷監控會有所有主要串流媒體平台(Apple Music、Spotify和Deezer)的播放清單和榜單數據。另外,有更多的電台數據納入其中,現在有47個國家的1800個電台。


    Music analytics platform Soundcharts has launched a new version with new pricing. Under the plan, users can share data access with their entire team at no additional cost. Every plan comes with unlimited users and is based on the number of monitored artists, starting at €19 / $21.50 USD per month for a single artist.

    The release also includes new features and data sources:

    Artist Overview: real-time dashboard on over 2 million artists, including social media, geo-tracked radio plays, playlist additions and charts rankings.

    Compare Artists: a visual tool allowing to benchmark artists with customizable graphs and growth of audience over time.

    Extensive digital distribution monitoring: playlist and charts data on all major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer).

    More radio: 1,800 stations are now monitored in 47 countries

    Instantaneous search and artist insights.

    "The music industry is a network of interconnected teams working on separate artist's careers. Record labels, agents, promoters and managers constantly need to share real-time information on artists and market trends. Our new philosophy puts the artists center stage, allowing their teams to collaborate at no extra cost." David Weiszfeld, Founder & CEO of Soundcharts.

    "Music professionals no longer need to share their account credentials, as they do with Spotify or Netflix. With our team structure, professionals will be able to manage their preferences while easily sharing insights with their partners and colleagues." Laurent Michelet, COO of Soundcharts.