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  • Soundcloud否認有降低音質


    ◎在多位Soundcloud用戶於網路上抱怨在使用該串流平台時,音質被從128 kbps MP3降成64 kbps Opus之後,該公司發布了一則解釋聲明。



    After multiple Soundcloud users complained online about an unwanted downgrading from 128 kbps MP3 to 64 kbps Opus when using the streaming platform, the company issued an explanation.

    "We always appreciate feedback, but these reports are inaccurate," a SoundCloud spokesperson told Billboard. "SoundCloud has not altered its approach to audio quality. We have been using the Opus codec (among others) since 2016, and we regularly test different combinations of encoding and streaming to offer listeners a quality experience on any device.

    "Furthermore, we store all content from creators at its originally uploaded quality level so we can continually adapt to advances in encoding and playback."