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  • SoundCloud推出新功能,讓用戶可以把作品發行到其他線上音樂平台


    ◎SoundCloud最近推出一個新的工具集,讓用戶可以與像是Spotify和Apple Music等其他線上服務共享音樂。新功能是其SoundCloud Premier計劃升級的一部分。

    ◎SoundCloud Pro和Pro Unlimited方案的用戶現在可以使用Premier計畫而無需另外付費。該方案最初是為了幫助藝人可以把其作品透過該平台獲利而設立的,隨著新的分銷工具推出,它現在變得更加強大,特別是由於該公司表示不會對從其他服務獲得的收入收取分成。Premier適用於滿18歲的SoundCloud Pro和Pro Unlimited訂閱者,訂閱者可擁有原始音樂的權利。

    ◎由於許多藝人在SoundCloud上開始他們的線上音樂生涯,新的發行功能將使他們在準備就緒時可以很容易地持續延伸使用其他平台而無需使用像是CD Baby或Tunecore等分銷商並支付額外費用。此外,由於Spotify最近取得了分銷商Distrokid的股份,並將該分銷管道納入其報表數據中,因此SoundCloud需要有所回應才能保持相關性。也就是說,SoundCloud Premier上的發行工具仍處於測試階段,且承諾在未來幾個月內將開始提供其他功能。



    In what could be a major disruptor for the platform, SoundCloud recently dropped a new toolset in its Premier program which will give its users the option of sharing music to other major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

    Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

    In what may be a game changer for the platform, SoundCloud has released a new toolset that allows a user to share music with other online services like Spotify and Apple Music as well. The new feature is part of an upgrade to its SoundCloud Premier program.

    SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers can now gain access to Premier at no additional cost. The tier was originally set up to help artists monetize their works on the platform. With the new distribution tool, it now becomes much more powerful, especially thanks to the fact that the company says it will not take a cut from earnings received from other services.

    As stated before, Premier is available to SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers that are at least 18 years old, own the rights to their original music, have at least 1,000 track plays, and more importantly, have no copyright strikes against them at the time of enrollment.

    Since so many artists begin their online music lives on SoundCloud, the new distribution feature will make it easy for them to continue on to other platforms when they're ready without having to use a distributor like CD Baby or Tunecore and pay the additional fees involved. Also, since Spotify recently took a financial stake in the distributor Distrokid and incorporated that distribution outlet into its dashboard, SoundCloud needed a response in order to stay relevant.

    That said, the distribution tool on SoundCloud Premier is still in beta, and additional features are promised in the coming months.

    The company has a huge installed base of over 20 million creators in 190 different countries, with a library of over 200 million songs. If you're one of them, this feature is worth checking out.