SoundCloud推出與Pioneer DJ整合的DJ軟體

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  • SoundCloud推出與Pioneer DJ整合的DJ軟體


    ◎SoundCloud推出最新的與Pioneer DJ整合的DJ軟體。SoundCloud的用戶透過其We DJ應用程式,就可以對SoundCloud平台上的來自2000萬名創作者的2億首歌曲目錄進行即時串流和混音。

    ◎要使用該項服務需要有SoundCloud Go+的高級用戶訂閱。SoundCloud在這次整合Pioneer DJ之前,已經與Serato、Virtual DJ和DEX 3等DJ軟體整合完成,該平台將在今年晚些時候推出更多的DJ軟體整合。


    SoundCloud has launched its latest DJ software integration with Pioneer DJ. Through its We DJ app, SoundCloud users can instantly stream and mix SoundCloud's catalog of 200 million tracks from 20 million creators.

    A SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription is needed. Pioneer DJ joins DJ software integrations with Serato, Virtual DJ and DEX 3.

    SoundCloud will be rolling out additional DJ software integrations later this year.

    How To:

    Download and log into Pioneer DJ's WeDJ on your computer, mobile device, or tablet or connect the app with Pioneer DJ's DDJ-200 controller

    Enable SoundCloud within the app then log in using a SoundCloud Go+ premium subscription username and password

    Restart the application to begin accessing saved SoundCloud playlists, and to search, mix and stream from SoundCloud's massive catalog, live

    There are two ways to access SoundCloud's premium consumer subscription, SoundCloud Go+