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  • SoundCloud目前的曲目數量是Spotify的5倍


    ◎SoundCloud已正式達成有2億首曲目上傳的里程碑,這個里程碑使得該串流媒體的音樂庫比其競爭對手多了4到5倍,Apple Music和Spotify的曲目數量估計在4000萬首左右。

    ◎作為世界上最大的開放式音頻平台,SoundCloud擁有各種各樣的音頻,如饒舌歌手Chance the Rapper的第一張mixtape、NASA完整的歷史音頻資料庫和BTS防彈少年團的成員Jimin創下紀錄的單曲。


    SoundCloud has officially passed 200 million tracks uploaded. The milestone makes the streamer's catalog four to five times larger than its competitors with Apple Music and Spotify estimated to have catalogs in the 40 million range.

    As the world's largest open audio platform, SoundCloud hosts such diverse audio as Chance the Rapper's first mixtape, the entire NASA historical audio library and BTS' Jimin's record-breaking track.

    Francesca Lombardo, the creator behind the 200 millionth track, "Eye Ring," is one of the over 20 million creators on SoundCloud.