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  • SoundCloud開始在其柏林攝影棚錄製歌手演出節目

    ◎SoundCloud是最新一個開始在自己的攝影棚錄製獨家演出片段的音樂串流媒體。該節目於SoundCloud位於柏林的攝影棚進行錄製,這個節目將被命名為「First on SoundCloud: Studio Sessions」,並將重點放在「一開始是從SoundCloud上展開他們職業生涯的新興創作者以及他們最新音樂作品的創作之旅」。首先登場的是荷蘭藝人San Holo和他的歌曲〈Worthy〉,該節目可以從他在SoundCloud的藝人資料頁面上看到。該公司計劃透過自己的平台和社群網絡推廣該系列新內容。

    ◎可以和SoundCloud的節目做個明顯比較的是Spotify的「Spotify Singles」計劃,該計劃在今年稍早時推出了在Paul McCartney的演唱會中錄製的17首單曲和34支影片的播放清單,而在那之前,該計畫的內容的累積串流聆聽次數就已經超過了10億次;不過SoundCloud的內容比較把重點放在藝人的故事和音樂上。這樣的內容及製播方向是Amazon和Apple Music以及Spotify的嵌入式播放清單影片都還在探索的。

    SoundCloud is the latest music-streaming service to start recording exclusive sessions in its own studio – in this case, in the company's Berlin studio.

    The sessions will be branded 'First on SoundCloud: Studio Sessions' and will focus on "emerging creators who began their careers first on SoundCloud, and the creative journey of their newest track". First to feature is Dutch artist San Holo with his track 'Worthy', with the studio session made available from his profile on SoundCloud. The company plans to promote the new sessions across its own platform as well as social networks.

    The obvious comparison is to Spotify's 'Spotify Singles' initiative, which recently passed 1bn cumulative streams, before rolling out a playlist of 17 audio tracks and 34 videos recorded at a Sir Paul McCartney gig earlier this year. But for SoundCloud, it seems the emphasis will be on artists' stories as much as their music – something that Amazon and Apple Music, as well as Spotify's embedded playlist videos, have also explored.