SoundExchange控告有線電視音樂平台Music Choice支付的版稅費用不足

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  • SoundExchange控告有線電視音樂平台Music Choice支付的版稅費用不足


    ◎SoundExchange對有線電視音樂平台Music Choice提起訴訟,要求其支付少付的版稅費用。該訴訟是在對Music Choice的版稅聲明進行審計之後所提出的。

    ◎Music Choice為企業和個人訂戶提供一系列音樂頻道訂閱服務,包括營業場所服務(BES)。Music Choice是眾多的數位音樂服務提供商之一,依靠法定許可來獲得在其BES中使用錄音的權利。BES的法定版稅費率和支付條款在CRB(美國版權版稅委員會)的專利法37 C.F.R.配套修法提案的第384條之中,目前BES的基本版稅費率是「被許可人因為使用了可歸因於受版權保護的錄音的音樂性節目服務的『總收益』的12.5%。」根據這些法規,SoundExchange聘請獨立審計師驗證Music Choice在2013年1月1日至2016年12月31日期間為其BES提供的版稅聲明。根據驗證的結果,SoundExchange發現Music Choice系統性地少報了它的「總收益」,導致其向SoundExchange支付的與BES相關的法定版稅有少付的情形。


    SoundExchange today filed a lawsuit against cable music platform Music Choice over underpaid royalties. The action comes after an audit of Music Choice's royalty statements.

    SoundExchange Senior Vice President and General Counsel Colin Rushing issued the following statement about the lawsuit:

    "Music Choice's actions reflect a persistent effort to avoid paying royalties for its use of protected sound recordings. Its creative accounting has cheated creators out of the royalties they are due and is inconsistent with the Copyright Royalty Board's regulations."

    "We hope this action will compel Music Choice to pay the royalties that are due to music creators and to change its practices moving forward."

    Music Choice provides a range of music channel subscription services to businesses and individual subscribers, including a business establishment service (BES). Music Choice is one of many digital music service providers relying on a statutory license to obtain the rights to use sound recordings in its BES. The statutory royalty rate and payment terms for a BES are set forth in CRB regulations at 37 C.F.R. Part 384. Currently, the basic royalty rate for a BES is "12.5% of [the] Licensee's 'Gross Proceeds' derived from the use in such service of musical programs that are attributable to copyrighted recordings." Pursuant to these regulations, SoundExchange engaged an independent auditor to verify the royalty statements provided by Music Choice for its BES during the period of January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. As a result of the verification, SoundExchange discovered that Music Choice systematically underreported its "Gross Proceeds," leading to underpayment to SoundExchange for statutory royalties related to the BES that that we believe extends beyond the 2013-2016 audit period.