Spinnin’s Records的曲目進入Deezer的「360 Reality Audio」

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  • Spinnin’s Records的曲目進入Deezer的「360 Reality Audio」


    ◎舞曲唱片公司「Spinnin’Records」在線上音樂串流服務Deezer上啟動了一個52首歌曲的播放列表,其中包含為「360 Reality Audio」hi-res格式重新製作的曲目。
    ◎它被稱為Deezer上的第一個360舞曲播放列表,其中包括(Mike Williams),(Mesto)和(Lucas&Steve)等藝人的曲目。要獲得這項體驗的人,將需要使用Deezer單獨的「360 by Deezer」應用程式收聽播放列表,為此,他們需要訂閱該服務的HiFi層,價格最近降至每月14.99美元。


    Dance label Spinnin’ Records has launched a 52-track playlist on Deezer of tracks remastered for the 360 Reality Audio hi-res format.
    Billed as the “first ever 360 dance playlist on Deezer”, it includes tracks by artists including Mike Williams, Mesto and Lucas & Steve.
    To get the 360 experience, people will need to listen to the playlist using Deezer’s separate 360 by Deezer app, for which they’ll need a subscription to the service’s HiFi tier – the price of which recently dropped to $14.99 a month.
    While we’re on the subject of Deezer, we’ve just belatedly noticed that the company upped its official users figure earlier this year. Press releases up until mid-February said that Deezer had 14 million monthly active users, but since later that month the figure has been 16 million.