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  • Splice融資到5750萬美元,其藝人支付超過1500萬美元


    ◎Splice在C輪融資中籌集到了5750萬美元,以擴展其音樂取樣訂閱服務和其他藝人服務。該初創公司也宣布,自2013年推出以來,已向透過該公司的藝人對藝人服務Splice Sounds提供取樣的創作者支付了1500萬美元的版稅。

    ◎在本輪領投的是現有的投資者Union Square Ventures和True Ventures,另外還有DFJ Growth、Flybridge、Lerer Hippeau、Liontree、Founders Circle Capital和Songz Publishing的創始人Matt Pincus的加入。該初創公司將使用新的投資來改進其現有的市場和工作流程工具以及探索產品。

    ◎Splice提供超過300萬個聲音的資料庫。Splice Studio是一款免費的備份和協作產品,讓音樂人可以在雲端存儲、保存和共享音樂項目檔案。去年Splice推出了可以先租後買(Rent-to-Own)的專業數位音頻工作站,以每月16.99美元的價格提供該錄音軟體。他們最近還宣布與業界重量級的Akai Professional建立戰略合作夥伴關係。


    Splice has raised $57.5 million in a Series C round to expand its music sample subscription service and other artist services. The startup also announced that it has paid $15 million in royalties since launching in 2013 to creators who offer samples through the company's artist-to-artist service, Splice Sounds.

    Leading the round are existing investors Union Square Ventures and True Ventures, joined by DFJ Growth, Flybridge, and Lerer Hippeau. Liontree, Founders Circle Capital, & Matt Pincus, founder of Songz Publishing. The startup will use the new investment to improve its existing marketplaces and workflow tools, as well as to explore products.

    Splice offers a library of over 3 million sounds. Splice Studio, a free back-up and collaboration product allows musicians to store, save, and share music project files in the cloud.

    "Splice is truly becoming a platform for the millions of musicians we dreamed of when we first started building it," said Splice co-founder and CEO Steve Martocci. "We know and trust these investors -- they share both our commitment to building a product and company that is good for musicians and share our big vision in continuing to transform the way musicians create, connect, collaborate, and make money. This funding will help bring that vision into reality."

    Last year, Splice launched professional Digital Audio Workstation on Rent-to-Own, making the recording software available for $16.99/month. They also recently announced a strategic partnership with industry heavyweight Akai Professional.