Spotify「熱門鄉村樂」播放清單以麥田圈製作出鄉村樂巨星Luke Bryan、Kelsea Ballerini和Jason Aldean的面孔來頌讚夏日季節

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  • Spotify「熱門鄉村樂」播放清單以麥田圈製作出鄉村樂巨星Luke Bryan、Kelsea Ballerini和Jason Aldean的面孔來頌讚夏日季節


    ◎夏日季節正如火如荼的展開中,而Spotify透過一個特別的方式以鄉村音樂來慶祝這個完美的季節。該公司的「熱門鄉村音樂Hot Country」播放清單推出了4個非常驚人的麥田圈以表達對鄉村樂的致敬,請到納許維爾的藝術家Stan Herd,利用田納西州勞倫斯郊外的田野作為他的畫布,來製作Spotify Hot Country標誌,以及鄉村樂超級巨星Luke Bryan、Kelsea Ballerini和Jason Aldean的面孔。每個畫面需要一週的時間創作,可以維持約三週的時間。

    ◎Stan Herd在一份聲明中表示「鄉村音樂源起於勞動男女的體驗,與土地和美國的歷史有著真正的聯繫。將音樂和麥田圈藝術結合在一起,是因為『鄉村音樂』就是關於『鄉村』或包含了與農業連結有關的鄉村生活方式」。Spotify的納許維爾藝人及唱片廠牌行銷負責人Brittany Shaffer補充「今年Spotify集中精力讓鄉村音樂發光發亮,並找到意想不到的方式來慶祝鄉村樂。為了給我們的粉絲一些特別的東西,我們決定與藝術家Stan Herd合作,把三位世界上最偉大的鄉村樂藝人重現在地景上,向現今鄉村樂的心臟地帶致敬。」


    Summer is in full swing, and Spotify is celebrating the perfect season for country music--from listening to it while burgers char on the grill to having it play while getting cozy by a bonfire.

    The company's "Hot Country" playlist has unveiled four incredible crop circles as an homage to the Heartland. Nashville-based artist Stan Herd used the fields outside Lawrence, Tennessee, as his canvas to produce the Spotify Hot Country logo, as well as the faces of country superstars Luke Bryan, Kelsea Ballerini and Jason Aldean. Each image took a week to create and will last for about three weeks.

    "Country music grew out of the experience of working men and woman with a true connection to the land and to United States history as it relates to and informs that cultural essence," Herd said in a statement, tying together music and crop circle art. "It is called 'Country Music' because it is about a 'country' or rural lifestyle that includes that agrarian connection."

    "This year Spotify is making a concentrated effort to shine a spotlight on country music and to find truly unexpected ways to celebrate all things country," Brittany Shaffer, Spotify Nashville's head of artist and label marketing, added. "To give our fans something special we decided to work with artist Stan Herd to bring to life three of the world's biggest country artists on a beautiful Kansas landscape to pay homage to the Heartland and country music today."