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  • Spotify仍是美國的訂閱戶數量冠軍嗎?


    ◎之前的頭條新聞是Apple Music在美國付費訂閱戶數量非正式地超越了Spotify。但新的數據顯示,Spotify可能已經在這場旗鼓相當的串流爭霸戰中取得領先優勢。

    ◎消費者情報研究合作夥伴(CIRP)發布了一份調查報告,估計Spotify在2019年第一季度增加了300萬訂閱戶。當進一步要求澄清時,CIRP表示它估計Spotify在本季度結束時會有2800萬到2900萬名付費用戶。而根據華爾街日報的報導,Apple Music截止2月份在美國有2800萬名用戶。所以Spotify或Apple都有可能會是第一名,這取決於誰在3月份增加了最多的用戶。

    ◎CIRP估計Spotify在美國排名第一,而且可能一直會是第一,其估計Spotify正在將更多的免費和試用用戶轉換為高級訂閱戶,而且根據International Business的報導,Spotify的包括改用免費方案或是完全停用的訂戶取消訂閱比例相對持平。Spotify一直在控制其流失率,因此結束付費高級會員的會員數量在任何一季都穩定在13-14%。


    Last month the headline was that Apple Music had unofficially surpassed Spotify in U.S. paid subscribers. But new data suggests that Spotify may have pulled ahead in this neck and neck race for streaming supremacy.

    Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has released a research report estimating that Spotify added 3 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2019. When reached for clarification, CIRP said that it estimates Spotify ended the quarter with 28 million to 29 million paid premium subscribers.

    According to the Wall Street Journal article Apple Music ended February with 28 million U.S. subscribers. So either Spotify or Apple could be #1, depending on who added the most subscribers in March.

    Supporting the estimates that Spotify is - and perhaps always was - #1 in the US, CIRP estimates that Spotify is converting more free and trial users to premium subscriptions and that the proportion of subscribers that canceled their subscriptions, either to use the free tier or to stop using Spotify altogether, was relatively flat, according to International Business.

    "Spotify continues to fill its 'funnel' by increasing its initial customer trials of the Premium service and converting those trial customers to paid subscribers," Levin said in a statement. "Once someone begins a trial, they are increasingly likely to begin paying for a Premium membership. Spotify has also managed its churn rate, so the number of members who end a paid Premium membership seems to have stabilized at 13-14% in a given quarter."