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  • Spotify加入直播派對


    ◎藝人可以通過“Artist Pick”進行虛擬活動,將其放置在個人資料的頂端。 Spotify還將透過電子郵件發送個性化的虛擬活動推薦,「Concert Hub」現在還將顯示個性化的即時串流推薦。
    ◎隨著大多數現場表演無限期停止,直播已成為音樂生態系統的重要組成部分。Bandsintown轉變為現場音樂串流媒體中心,可通過免費行銷向5500萬註冊粉絲提供藝人教育和獲利機會,並在其Bandsintown LIVE頻道中,向600萬藝人提供3100萬觀眾。
    ◎近幾週來,從Live Nation到DICE,Driift和eMusic Live等數十個播放器,進入蒸蒸日上的直播業,威脅到現有的播放器如StageIt和VEEPS。Amazon Music和Twitch最近擴大了他們的音樂直播合作夥伴關係。


    Spotify becomes the latest music service to acknowledge the importance of livestreams with the addition of listings within its existing Concerts tab.
    Live stream listings come via existing partnerships with Ticketmaster and Songkick.
    Artists can make a virtual event their Artist Pick, which will place it at the top of their profile. Spotify will also email personalized virtual event recommendations and the Concert Hub (search “concerts) now also surfaces personalized live stream recommendations.
    An Important & Crowded Sector
    With most live shows halted indefinitely, livestreams have become an essential part of the music ecosystem.
    Bandsintown transformed into a hub of live music streaming with free marketing to 55 million registered fans alongside artist education and monetization opportunities and streaming more than 600 artists to 31 million viewers on its Bandsintown LIVE channel.
    In recent weeks, dozens of players like from Live Nation to DICE, Driift, and eMusic Live have entered the steaming sector threatening to crowd out existing players like StageIt and VEEPS. Amazon Music and Twitch recently expanded their music livestream partnership.