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  • Spotify及Berklee音樂學院為女性音樂製作人和工程師推出EQL錄音室長駐計畫


    ◎Spotify、Berklee音樂學院和Electric Lady Studios合作推出EQL錄音室長駐計畫,以發掘和指導新興的女性音樂製作人和工程師。從10月開始,該計劃將在紐約、納許維爾和倫敦提供駐地。在這為期6個月的有薪駐留期間,在每個城市的參與者都將工作並獲得網絡和輔導機會。

    ◎在紐約,長駐參與者將要把時間分別花在Electric Lady Studios和Spotify的錄音室中。在納許維爾和倫敦,長駐參與者將在Spotify Secret Genius Studios工作,這是Spotify支持新興歌曲創作者和製作人的所在。

    ◎Spotify文化影響總監Kerry Steib說「女性在藝人、詞曲創作者、工程師和製作人中的代表性不足。我們必須利用我們的資源創造機會來解決這個問題,並與整個行業的優秀合作夥伴一起來做。這只是開始。」



    Spotify, Berklee College of Music and Electric Lady Studios have partnered to launch the EQL Studio Residency to spotlight and mentor emerging female music producers and engineers.

    Starting in October, the program will offer residencies in New York, Nashville, and London. During these paid six-month residencies, a participant in each city will work and gain access to networking and mentoring opportunities.

    In New York, the resident will split her time between Electric Lady Studios and the Spotify Studios. In Nashville and London, residents will work out of the Spotify Secret Genius Studios, where we've shown our commitment to supporting emerging songwriters and producers.

    "Women are underrepresented as artists, songwriters, engineers and producers," says Kerry Steib, Spotify Director of Cultural Impact. "We have to use our resources to create opportunities to address this, and do it with great partners across the industry. This is just the beginning."

    "This exciting collaboration recognizes the many contributions women make in the music industry," says Darla Hanley, Dean of the Professional Education Division at Berklee. "We are happy to support and mentor the recipients of the EQL Studio Residency and look forward to sharing our expertise and many decades of combined experience across all corners of the industry with them."

    "Electric Lady is thrilled to partner with Spotify's EQL Studio Residency alongside Berklee College of Music in encouragement of more women in audio production, " says Lee Foster, Partner/ General Manager Electric Lady Studios. We are strong supporters of this movement and look forward to meeting the next generation of women engineers and producers."

    Applications are now live and close at 5 p.m. EST on August 24. Residencies will start October 1.