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  • Spotify否認「高流失率」一事


    ◎根據最近的報導,Spotify經歷了較高的流失率,亦即付費用戶沒有更新他們的訂閱資格,該比例在美國高達16%,而Spotify強烈否認這份由消費者情報研究合作夥伴(CIRP,Consumer Intelligence Research Partners)所做的分析中提出的結果。

    ◎Spotify執行長Daniel EK在上週四舉行的法人說明會上表示「美國的流失率低於4%」,而Spotify也表示,全球的流失率也是下降的。

    ◎CIRP的聯合創始人Mike Levin表示「每月付費方案確實允許高級訂閱戶可以隨時取消,這是Spotify稱之為『流失』的情況。我們估計本季度美國的流失率為16%,高於Spotify提出的全球流失率。我們再次將其原因歸於美國市場的競爭激烈,付費和免費串流音樂服務都有許多的選擇。」


    Following our recent report that Spotify was exeperiencing higher churn rates - paid users not renewing their subscriptions - as high as 16% in the US, Spotify has strongly denied the claim made in an analysis by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

    "Churn rates in the U.S. are below 4%," said CEO Daniel EK in an earnings call on Thursday morning. Churn rates are also down globally, according to Spotify.

    Ek's statements counter the analysis from CIRP. "The monthly payment plan does allow Premium subscribers to cancel at any time, a situation that Spotify calls 'churn'. We estimate a US churn rate of 16% for the quarter, higher than what Spotify suggests is the global rate" said CIRP co-founder Mike Levin. "Again, we attribute this to a competitive US market, with many choices for paid and free streaming music services."