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  • Spotify和Apple都在時代廣場上以廣告牌推銷同一位歌手

    ◎紐約人已經習慣在標誌性的時代廣場上看到Apple Music和Spotify的廣告牌推廣重要藝人的新音樂作品,例如最近幾個月,Spotify就付費為其New Music Friday播放清單中有收錄Liam Payne&J Balvin和Ariana Grande等的歌曲做廣告橫幅宣傳;與此同時,Apple則支援像是Nicki Minaj和Tory Lanez等歌手也在時代廣場週邊的建築上做廣告。然而,幾週前,走在時代廣場的人可能得多看幾眼才會確定沒看錯,因為兩個全球串流媒體巨頭都在該地點對同一位藝人做了宣傳,英國歌手兼詞曲創作者Nina Nesbitt目前正受惠於Spotify和Apple的全球同步推動。

    ◎Nina Nesbitt今年發行了〈Somebody Special〉和〈Loyal To Me〉兩首新單曲,另外還有其他歌曲像是〈Best You Had〉。〈Loyal To Me〉最近有一個為Spotify Singles重新錄製的獨家版本,該版本於上月底釋出,這並不是Nina Nesbitt第一次為Spotify錄製原創版本,3月份時,她發布了一首與Sasha Sloan和Charlotte Lawrence合作錄製的新單曲〈Psychopath〉,作為Spotify Singles慶祝女性歷史月的發行,還伴隨著翻唱Cyndi Lauper的〈Girls Just Wanna Have Fun〉。

    ◎Nina Nesbitt之前曾與Universal/Island唱片公司簽約發行2014年的首張專輯,但現在是獨立發行音樂,透過英國的獨立唱片公司Cooking Vinyl做全球授權。Cooking Vinyl的創辦人Martin Goldschmidt表示,Nina Nesbitt現在在所有格式上已經有1億次串流且目前每週會吸引到超過100萬次串流。但是為什麼Apple和Spotify會在同一時間共同支持她呢?特別是這一季,歌手Nicki Minaj才聲稱因為Apple支持她導致了Spotify對她的宣傳推廣做出懲罰。Martin Goldschmidt表示「所有的DSP(需求方平台)都相信Nina Nesbitt並喜歡她的音樂,真的就是那麼簡單。」


    New Yorkers will have gotten used to seeing Apple Music and Spotify billboards appearing in the iconic Times Square, promoting fresh music from key artists.

    In recent months, for example, Spotify has paid for huge New Music Friday banners promoting tracks from the likes of Liam Payne & J Balvin and Ariana Grande.

    Apple, meanwhile, has backed the likes of Nicki Minaj and Tory Lanez with very similar real estate in the same location.

    A couple of weeks ago, however, those in Times Square might have had to do a double take: because the same artist was promoted by both global streaming giants in the location.

    An MBW reader in NYC snapped the shots and just sent them into us; interesting, right?

    Step forward, British singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt (pictured) – who is currently benefiting from a simultaneous worldwide push from Spotify and Apple.

    Nesbitt has released two new singles this year, Somebody Special and latest track Loyal To Me, in addition to other songs like Best You Had.

    Loyal To Me was recently re-recorded for an exclusive 'Spotify Singles' release which arrived late last month.

    It's not the first time Nesbitt has recorded an original for Spotify's service: in March, she issued new track Psychopath, recorded with Sasha Sloan and Charlotte Lawrence, as a Spotify Singles release to celebrate Women's History Month. It was accompanied by a cover version of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

    Nesbitt was formerly signed to Universal/Island Records for her 2014 debut album, but now releases music independently, licensed through UK-based independent Cooking Vinyl worldwide.

    Cooking Vinyl founder Martin Goldschmidt told MBW that Nesbitt has now clocked up 100m streams on all formats, and is currently pulling in more than a million streams each week.

    But what's drawn such mutual, simultaneous support from Apple and Spotify?

    Especially in the same quarter that Nicki Minaj is claiming that support from one (Apple) led to promotional punishment by another (Spotify – something the green machine outright denies)?

    "All the DSPs believe in Nina and love her music – it's really that simple," says Goldschmidt.

    "Spotify and Apple are both playing a big role in getting the momentum going on this music, and now radio is getting interested in the UK, US and beyond."

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