Spotify和Pandora在品牌親密度調查中打敗Apple Music

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  • Spotify和Pandora在品牌親密度調查中打敗Apple Music


    ◎音樂佔據了MBLM的2019品牌親密度研究的中心,Spotify、Pandora和Apple Music都登上了前5名。品牌親密度被定義為「衡量我們和我們使用及喜愛的品牌所形成的連結的情感科學」。

    ◎MBLM的經理合夥人Mario Natarelli表示「儘管我們日常生活中普遍存在,但應用程式和社群平台品牌持續在2019年的研究中表現不佳。這些品牌被認為是免費的公用事業,它們在智慧型手機的生態系統中排名是最低的,現在『信任』正在成為這些品牌試圖變得成熟的關鍵挑戰。然而像Pinterest這樣的優秀表現者正在創造強大的連結,尤其是對女性而言。」

    ◎其他對應用程式和社群平台產業的重要發現包括:該類別的平均品牌親密度商數從去年的研究中的18.0分增加到2019年為25.4分,Pinterest的商數從2018年的22.0分到今年翻了一倍為44.9分。去年的領導品牌Apple Music落到了第五名;Pinterest是女性的第一品牌,而Spotify是男士的第一品牌。Pinterest也是千禧世代、35歲以上的用戶、收入低於75,000美元的用戶以及收入較高的用戶的第一品牌。


    Music takes center stage in MBLM's Brand Intimacy 2019 Study with Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music all landing in the in the top 5. Brand Intimacy is defined "as the emotional science that measures the bonds we form with the brands we use and love."

    "Although a ubiquitous part of our daily routine, apps & social platform brands continued to underperform in our 2019 study," stated Mario Natarelli, managing partner, MBLM. "These brands are perceived as free utilities. They rank lowest in the smartphone ecosystem and now trust is emerging as a key challenge as these brands try to mature. However, strong performers such as Pinterest are creating powerful bonds – especially with women."

    Other significant apps & social platforms industry findings include:

    The category increased its average Brand Intimacy Quotient from 18.0 in last year's study to 25.4 in 2019

    Pinterest doubled its score of 22.0 in 2018 to 44.9 this year

    Last year's leader, Apple Music, fell to the #5 position

    Pinterest was the #1 brand for women

    Spotify was the #1 brand for men

    Pinterest was also the #1 brand for millennials, users over 35, users with incomes under $75,000, and those with higher incomes