Spotify在美國,英國,53個市場增加 12.99美元的Premium Duo計畫

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  • Spotify在美國,英國,53個市場增加 12.99美元的Premium Duo計畫


    ◎Spotify在美國和其他54個市場上新增加12.99美金的「Premium Duo」訂閱計劃。

    ◎Spotify於去年3月首次開始測試「Premium Duo」,擴展到19個測試市場。該計畫專為居住在同一地址的兩個人而設計,每個人都可以此訂閱計劃下獲得一個高級帳戶,還可獲得每月12.99美元或當地市場等值的獨特福利。

    ◎新的(Duo Mix)是定期更新的播放列表,提供了兩個用戶喜歡的音樂的混合組和。除了通常的Spotify高級功能外,「Premium Duo」訂戶還可以隨時分別收聽自己的播放列表。



    Spotify has added a $12.99 Premium Duo subscription plan in the US and 54 other markets.
    Spotify first began testing Premium Duo in March of last year, eventually expanding to 19 beta markets.
    Designed for two people living at the same address, each gets a Premium account under a single plan in addition to unique benefits for $12.99 or the local market equivalent per month.
    Duo Mix & More
    A new Duo Mix is a regularly updated playlist providing a mix of the combined favorite music of both users.
    In addition to the usual Spotify premium features, Premium Duo subscribers can listen to their own playlists individually at any time.
    How Couples Use Spotify
    A Spotify user study found that 73% of couples say they listen to music together to remember happy memories. 63% say they listen to music together to build their identity or create memorable moments.
    “Premium Duo includes our extensive music and podcast catalog and everything users love about Spotify Premium,” says AlexNorström, Spotify’s Chief Freemium Business Officer. “With two individual Premium accounts, you can both listen independently, uninterrupted, and get all of your personalized playlists and features tailored just for you.”