Spotify在英國發布“Your Daily Drive”播放列表

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  • Spotify在英國發布“Your Daily Drive”播放列表


    ◎這對Spotify來說,時機無疑是不幸的。因為Spotify剛剛在英國發布“ Your Daily Drive”播放列表的日期,該播放列表的目的,是直接針對人們的上下班通勤時間。
    ◎雖然通勤路線可能會再次取消,但播放列表中播客新聞摘要和個性化音樂推薦的混合仍可能吸引人。“ Your Daily Drive”播放列表包括從 (The Times),(Financial Times),(TalkSport),(The Economist)和(Evening Standard)之類的傳統新聞和廣播,到 (Smart 7)等新興每日播客品牌。


    After a few weeks of badgering people to go back to work in company offices, the British government yesterday executed its latest u-turn of the Covid-19 crisis, telling them to work from home if they could again.
    The timing was certainly unfortunate for Spotify, which had chosen yesterday as the day to launch its ‘Your Daily Drive’ playlist in the UK, aimed squarely at people’s morning commutes.
    Well, the commutes may be cancelled again for many, but the playlist’s blend of podcast news snippets and personalised music recommendations may still appeal.
    The playlist is pulling in audio from traditional news and radio organisations like The Times, the Financial Times, TalkSport, The Economist and the Evening Standard, as well as newer daily-podcast brands like The Smart 7.