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  • Spotify在Colombia創建了自己的每日新聞podcast


    ◎Spotify最近收購的Parcast工作室每天推出真實犯罪podcast。Spotify還將在Colombia推出另一個每日新聞podcast,被稱為《ElPrimerCafé》,該節目與Colombia報紙El Tiempo合作。
    ◎該節目由廣播記者MaríaBeatrizEchandía和DJ /podcasterFélixRiaño共同主持,它將在每一集中融合政治,文化,體育和娛樂。Spotify指出,節目時間通常不到半小時。
    ◎該公司1月份也曾在巴西與Folha de S. Paulo報紙,合推一個名為《CafédaManhã》的podcast。每日推出、長度較短的podcast節目,是podcast廣泛趨勢之一。


    We reported yesterday on the launch of a new, daily true-crime podcast by Spotify’s recently-acquired Parcast studio. Now Spotify is launching another daily podcast – in Colombia. It’s called ‘El Primer Café‘, and the show is a collaboration with Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.
    Co-hosted by broadcast journalist María Beatriz Echandía and DJ / podcaster Félix Riaño, it will blend politics, culture, sports and entertainment in each daily episode, which Spotify says will generally last for “just under half an hour”.
    The company has previous form on this kind of collaboration: in January it launched a podcast called ‘Café da Manhã‘ in Brazil, working with newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.
    As we noted in yesterday’s story, this is part of a wider trend within the podcasts world to explore daily, shorter shows. But for Spotify, these daily shows could also be useful in another way: they could be fertile sources of shorter clips that can be stripped out and inserted into people’s listening – for example in the Your Daily Drive personalised playlist that launched in the US earlier this year. If and when that and similar playlists mixing music and spoken-word content launch in Latin America, Spotify’s daily podcasts there could come in handy.