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  • Spotify增加「Word」類別收錄有聲書、冥想、詩、語言課程等音頻內容


    ◎Spotify正在積極地將自己重新定位為所有音頻內容的集中站。在最近以3.4億美元收購了播客Gimlet和Anchor Media之後,該串流媒體增加了一個「Word」類別,讓用戶可以更容易地在該平台上找到越來越多的詩集、冥想指導、有聲書、語言課程和短篇故事等音頻內容。




    Spotify is aggressively re-positioning itself as a destination for all things audio. Following its recent purchase of podcasters Gimlet and Anchor Media for $340 million, the streamer has added a "Word" category to make it easier for users to find the growing collections of poetry, guided meditations, audiobooks, language lessons and short stories on the platform.

    In a blog post Spotify wrote: "Scroll through the genres under Browse on Spotify, and sure enough, you'll find Word, a category home to recordings of everything from poetry to guided meditation, audio books, and short stories. If you're searching for a track full of rhythm and tone - minus the music -Word is the place to find it."

    Who Is Listening To Spoken Word On Spotify?

    "It's primarily people aged 55 and up who speak English," according to the streamer, "with users from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Ireland taking the top five slots."