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  • Spotify將其podcast分析排除在測試階段之外


    ◎與其他領域一樣,Spotify的主要競爭對手是Apple,該公司於2017年12月推出了自己的Podcast Analytics測試版。


    In early October 2018, Spotify launched a version of its analytics for podcasters, offering data on their listeners, ‘starts’ and streams – in beta. Now the tool is coming out of beta, and is thus available to anyone distributing their podcast through Spotify.
    More than 100k podcasts are already accessing the data through its beta, Spotify announced yesterday. “You can track your performance through powerful data like episode retention charts, aggregate demographics about your listeners, details on your follower growth, and more. And we also made sure to focus on streaming data, so you can see insights on how fans are truly listening, not just how many downloaded an episode,” explained Spotify in its blog post.
    Here, as in other areas, Spotify’s main competitor is Apple, which launched its own ‘Podcast Analytics’ beta in December 2017.
    Spotify is hoping to make a splash in an industry where analytics aren’t standardised (although moves are afoot on that front) and where many podcasters haven’t had access to even the most basic data that music artists and labels would take for granted.