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  • Spotify將在11月於中東和北非地區推出

    ◎Spotify即將在11月於中東和北非地區推出,加入已經在這些地區市場營運的競爭對手Anghami、Deezer和Apple Music之列,而根據一份洩露出來的內部電子郵件顯示,Spotify將把該地區的總部設在杜拜。



    Spotify will launch across the Middle East and North Africa this upcoming November. According to a leaked internal email, the streaming service, which joins rivals Anghami, Deezer and Apple Music who are already operating in these markets, will be headquartered in Dubai.

    Also according to the email, Spotify is currently seeking to secure six advertisers for its roll-out in the regions at a cost of USD $200,000 each.

    It is expected that most of the six advertising slots will be sold within a week, suggesting a high level of confidence among brands that Spotify will attract listeners when it goes live in the next few months.