Spotify將把頗受歡迎的《¡Viva Latino!》播放清單帶上路進行巡演

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  • Spotify將把頗受歡迎的《¡Viva Latino!》播放清單帶上路進行巡演


    ◎Spotify宣布將把其頗受歡迎的《¡Viva Latino!》播放清單帶上路進行巡演。該巡演與Cardenas Marketing Network(CMN)合作製作,將會有Daddy Yankee、Jowell y Randy、Bad Bunny、Becky G和Natti Natasha的演出,預計將於8月23日週四在芝加哥的Allstate Arena揭開序幕。其他城市和表演者將在稍後公佈。

    ◎Spotify的全球文化、節目暨編輯負責人Rocio Guerrero表示「自2014年推出我們的《¡Viva Latino!》播放清單以來,我們目睹了拉丁音樂文化的發展超越了我們最大的希望和期望。決定為這個播放清單舉辦巡迴演出是對拉丁音樂現在在世界各地產生影響的真實證明。」

    ◎《¡Viva Latino!》的推出緊隨在Spotify於英國首次成功舉辦《Who We Be Live》演出之後,該演出是根據同樣名稱的播放清單而打造的,另外還有一個類似的活動為RapCaviar Live,這兩者都是由Live Nation聯合製作。《¡Viva Latino!》的門票已於6月29日起在Ticketmaster.com上販售。


    Spotify has announced that it will be taking its popular ¡Viva Latino! playlist on the road. The tour, produced in partnership with Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), will feature performances by Daddy Yankee, Jowell y Randy, Bad Bunny, Becky G and Natti Natasha and is set to kick off at Chicago's Allstate Arena on Thursday, August 23.

    Additional cities and performers will be announced at a later date.

    "These are exciting times in Latin entertainment, and we are proud to partner with such a dynamic, music-centric company as Spotify to produce ¡Viva Latino! Live, which brings together some of the biggest names in Latin entertainment for one night," said CMN chief executive Henry Cardenas."

    "Since launching our ¡Viva Latino! playlist in 2014, we've witnessed the Latin music culture grow beyond even our wildest hopes and expectations," added Rocio Guerrero, Head of Global Cultures, Shows & Editorial at Spotify. "The decision to take this playlist on the road is a true testament to the impact Latin music is having around the world right now."

    The launch of ¡Viva Latino! Live follows Spotify's successful UK debuted of Who We Be Live, based on their playlist of the same name, and similar event RapCaviar Live, both of which are Live Nation co-productions.

    Tickets for ¡Viva Latino! Live will be available via on Friday, June 29, at 10 a.m. CT.