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  • Spotify對付費Premium訂閱戶的應用程式進行改版





    Spotify has revamped its app, giving its paid Premium users more reasons to renew their subscriptions. Navigation within the app has been simplified and a revamped Search page now incorporates features found in "Browse" including favorite genres and music to match a mood. Artists Radio Playlists have also been revamped and brought to the forefront.

    Spotify Premium App Makeover Highlights

    Streamlined navigation: "We've refined the navigation to help people quickly find what they're looking for. Subscribers can get great recommendations on Home, discover something new with Search, and access favorite songs, artists, playlists, and podcasts in Your Library."

    Personalized Search: "Our redesigned Search page is the new one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts, and more—whether the subscriber knows what they're searching for or wants to explore something new. At the top of the screen, listeners can find their Top Genres—from indie to country to reggae—and easily discover the music that best reflects them and their mood."

    Endless Artist Radio: "If a subscriber wants a great playlist based on one of their favorite musicians or songs, they can simply search for it and start listening to one of the brand-new Artist Radio playlists. These offer an endless listening stream personalized to the listener's own musical tastes. They're updated regularly to keep things fresh—and what's more, they're even downloadable and available to play while offline."