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  • Spotify從Parcast添加「今日占星」短片播客


    ◎Spotify已經添加了Horoscope Today,每天發送12個星座的短播客,每天兩分鐘的音頻由Parify製作,Spotify在今年4月以5400萬美元收購Parcast,作為主要播客播放的一部分。


    Spotify has added Horoscope Today, short podcasts for each of the 12 signs delivered every day, 365 days a year. The two-minute daily audio is produced by Parcast, which Spotify acquired or $54 million in April of this year as part of a major puch into podcasting.
    "From relationship drama to career queries and everything in between, people have always used the stars as a guide, says Spotify. "And while we know horoscopes can’t give us all the answers, we also know that they can give us something perhaps more comforting: permission to follow our own instincts."