Spotify成為2018年La Musa大獎的官方冠名贊助者

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  • Spotify成為2018年La Musa大獎的官方冠名贊助者


    ◎Spotify將成為2018年La Musa大獎的官方冠名贊助者,該獎項將於10月18日在邁阿密的James L. Knight中心舉行。La Musa大獎是拉丁歌曲創作者名人堂(LSHOF)的大型活動,由歌曲作家Desmond Child和Rudy Perez於2012年創立,旨在「教育、保存、紀念和頌揚世界上最偉大的各種類型的拉丁歌曲創作者、作曲家和作詞家的生活和音樂,同時開發和激勵新一代的音樂創作者」。該獎項每年表彰頂尖的拉丁歌曲創作者及出版商。

    ◎Spotify的贊助將包括在拉丁歌曲創作者名人堂中有一個專門的介紹頁面,其中會有由其入選者和獲獎者的作品所組成的音樂播放清單。今年的入選者包括Gloria Trevi(墨西哥)、Chucho Valdés(古巴)、Carlos Rubira Infante(厄瓜多爾)、Fernando Osorio(委內瑞拉)、KC Porter(美國)以及不久後將宣布的特別La Musa榮譽獎獲獎者。


    Spotify will be the official title sponsor of the 2018 La Musa Awards, taking place Oct. 18 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

    The awards are the marquee event of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame (LSHOF), founded in 2012 by songwriters Desmond Child and Rudy Perez to "educate, preserve, honor and celebrate the lives and music of the world's greatest Latin songwriters, composers and lyricists in every genre while developing and inspiring new generations of music creators. "The awards honor top Latin songwriters and publishers every year.

    The Spotify sponsorship will include a dedicated Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame profile page with playlists featuring music by its inductees and honorees. This year's inductees are: Gloria Trevi (Mexico), Chucho Valdés (Cuba), Carlos Rubira Infante (Ecuador), Fernando Osorio (Venezuela), KC Porter (U.S.), and soon to be announced special La Musa Honorees.

    "It is a key part of our mission to stimulate the creative potential of artists across Spotify and to shine a light on these amazing creators," said José María Escriña, Spotify's director of publishing licensing & relations for Latin America.