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  • Spotify推出《Co.Lab》藝人系列視頻


    ◎《Spotify Co.Lab》活動是積極參與職業發展藝人夢寐以求的門票,不僅僅是為了交流的機會,也為了現實世界,專家提供知識。現在,Spotify與Co.Lab視頻系列中的分享所有藝人部分內容。
    ◎Spotify指出,Co.Lab活動及《Spotify For Artists》強大的在線學習視頻系列,內容包括專家建議、涵蓋電影和電視的音樂同步、巡迴演出、將粉絲數據轉換成交易及真實性的重要性。


    Spotify Co.Lab events are a coveted ticket for any artist actively involved in their own career growth; not just for the networking opportunities, but also for the real world, expert delivered knowledge. Now, Spotify is sharing portions of the later with all artists in a Co.Lab video series.
    "You experience it firsthand in the crowd response at shows, and in how your fans interact with you on social media, says Spotify, "and thanks to your Spotify for Artists dashboard... The question now is: What do you do with all that knowledge? How can you use it to reach new fans, and deepen the connection with the ones you already have?"
    Spotify's answer is its Co.Lab events along with a new video series just added to its already Spotify For Artists' robust set of online learning opportunities. The set of videos include expert advice covers music sync for film and tv, touring, converting fan data into deals and the importance of authenticity.