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  • Spotify推出一個分析用戶聽的歌曲的演唱歌手性別的新工具


    ◎根據其發佈的新聞稿,Smirnoff和Spotify的合作是在2017年的「Year in Music」報告公布後而發起的,該報告的數據顯示,在Top 10的歌曲排行榜中只有2位女性藝人出現,而前10名的國際串流專輯中完全沒有女性歌手的作品。
    ◎在今年的葛萊美獎和主要音樂節的陣容公布之後,對性別歧視問題有著廣泛的討論,音樂界的一些參與者已經開始採取行動對抗這個問題。據上個月的報導, 有45個國際音樂節已經對PRS基金會提出的「50/50性別分割」予以承諾。


    Spotify has released a new tool in partnership with Smirnoff, which analyses and calculates the gender breakdown from your listening history.
    The “Smirnoff Equalizer” has been released ahead of International Women’s Day 2018 and aims to address sexism in the music industry. The equalizer shows the percentage of female and male musicians that you have listened to, and also offers an “equalized playlist”, with a more balanced gender breakdown customised to your listening habits.
    According to the press release, Smirnoff and Spotify’s collaboration came after 2017’s Year in Music statistics illustrated that only two female artists were featured in the top 10 songs list and none made the top 10 internationally streamed records.
    Following widespread discussion of sexism following this year's Grammys and major music festival lineup announcements, certain players in the music industry have begun to take action against the issue. Last month, we reported that 45 international music festivals have committed to PRS Foundation’s 50/50 gender split pledge.
    Spotify's latest tool is a positive step forward in addressing gender equality at the industry level, but also a neat way of encouraging listeners to broaden their listening habits.
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