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    ◎其付費訂閱戶增加至1億人,同比增長32%。該增長歸因於在美國和加拿大的「優於方案」的促銷以及家庭方案的持續強勁增長。Spotify的報告中提及成長的原因還包括將Google Home Mini智能音箱的免費促銷擴展到歐洲、在美國把Spotify Premium + Hulu的訂閱降價以及與三星擴大全球合作關係。

    ◎第一季度總收入為16.85億美元,同比增長33%。第一季度的訂閱收入為15.45億美元,同比增長34%;過去四個季度以來,這已是第三個季度的年度同比有所增加。在每位用戶平均收入的所有重要指標上,結果略遜一籌,不計外匯匯率的影響下降2%,或是在考慮到貨幣衝擊後為持平的狀況。據Spotify稱,ARPU(每位用戶平均收入)的下行壓力有所緩和,其預測今年剩餘的時間內,ARPU的下降幅度將低於個位數。Spotify表示「ARPU的下降是產品和地理組合變化的結果。 大約75%的對ARPU的影響可歸因於產品組合的變化,其餘因素是地理組合和其他因素變化的函數。」



    UPDATED: Spotify's monthly active users grew 26% over the last year to 217 million at the end of 2018, the streamer reported on Monday. Now in 79 countries, a February launch in India added 2 million to its global total. Overall, Spotify posted a smaller first-quarter loss of $158 million vs $189 million for the same period last year.

    20190517 1 1MAUs By Region

    Premium Subscribers grew to 100 million, up 32% year on year. The growth was attributed to a "better than plan" promotion in the US and Canada and continued strong growth in Family Plan. The streamer also reported growth from the expansion of a free Google Home Mini promotion to Europe, a price reduction to the Spotify Premium + Hulu offering in the US and an expanded global partnership with Samsung.

    Subscription churn was flat Q1.

    20190517 1 2subscribers by region

    Total Q1 revenue was $1,685 million, up 33% year over year. Premium revenue was $1545 million in Q1 up 34% year on year, the third quarter of accelerating Y/Y growth in the last four quarters.

    20190517 1 3

    In the all important metric of average revenue per user, results were a bit less rosey, down down 2% excluding the impact from foreign exchange rates, or flat if after accounting for a currency bump. Downward pressure on ARPU has moderated, according to Spotify, who predicts that ARPU declines through the remainder of the year will be in the low single digits.

    20190517 1 4

    "The declines in ARPU are a result of shifts in both product and geographic mix," according to Spotify. "Approximately 75% of the impact to ARPU is attributable to product mix changes, and the remainder a function of changes in geographic mix and other factors."

    Ad-Supported revenue growth under performed expectations in Q1, particularly in the US. Even though ad supported revenue grew 24% Y/Y to $140.5, it was outpaced by growth in the number of ad-supported users. Spotify predicts that revenue from podcasts should accelerate through 2019. helping future numbers.