Spotify正在拉開與Apple Music之間的差距

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  • Spotify正在拉開與Apple Music之間的差距


    ◎去年底的頭條新聞是Apple Music的訂閱戶數已經逐漸追上了Spotify。但是,雖然Apple Music在美國確實有真正的牽引力,但如果就全球的範圍來觀察時,其實Spotify正在拉開其領先差距。

    ◎根據Statista所做的調查顯示,兩大串流服務之間的差距訂閱戶已經逐漸擴大,從Apple Music推出時的2000萬人,到2018年底時已超過4000萬人。


    Late last year the headlines were that Apple Music was gaining on Spotify. But while Apple Music does have real traction in the US, when looked at globally. Spotify is widening its lead.

    As this Statista chart illustrates, the gap between the two has gradually widened from 20 million when Apple Music was launched to more than 40 million subscribers by the end of 2018.