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  • Spotify正在測試透過內建應用程式創建帶有應用程式ANCHOR的播客內容


    ◎據報導,Spotify正在測試一個按鈕,讓用戶在其應用程式中創建播客,因為有人在Spotify的播客庫中發現了新的「Create Podcast」(建立播客)按鈕,如果點擊按鈕,會開啟Anchor應用程式(如果已安裝)。
    ◎Anchor是Spotify在2019年收購的兩家紐約播客公司之一(另一家是Gimlet Media之一。該公司提供免費使用的播客創建、發行和貨幣化平台,讓任何人都能輕鬆通過手機直接製作播客。Spotify今年5月發布一篇關於Spotify for Artists的新聞,鼓勵藝人使用Anchor製作自己的播客。Spotify指出,持續測試新產品及改善整體Spotify體驗,但目前沒有其他消息可以分享。


    In a recent test move, Spotify appears to be experimenting with allowing its users to create podcasts from within the streaming platform, inserting a button which, if clicked, will redirect the user to the Anchor app, a user-friendly podcast creation tool acquired by Spotify in early 2019.
    Spotify is reportedly testing a button for users to create podcasts from within its app.
    News of the unreleased feature was first reported by code leaker Jane Manchun Wong who spotted the new “Create Podcast” button within Spotify’s podcasts library.
    If tapped, the button will either send people over to the Anchor app, if it’s already installed or send them to an informational webpage about the app.
    Anchor was one of two New York-based podcast companies (alongside Gimlet Media) acquired by Spotify earlier in 2019. The company offers a free-to-use podcast creation, distribution and monetization platform, and is designed to make it easy for anyone to create a podcast by recording right off their phone.
    Speaking to The Verge, Spotify said: ”We are always testing new products and experiences to improve the overall Spotify experience. Some tests will eventually make way for upgrades to our product, others are only tests. We have no further news to share at this time.”
    In May, Spotify published a news post on Spotify for Artists encouraging artists to make their own podcasts using Anchor.